Kid's Salsa Classes are Back!!!

 Kids Dance Classes

"Date Night with Your Kids"

Re-Launching May 11th, 2015

Learning to dance is a very important part of a child's growth just like math and science. Kids can use what they learn through dancing as a way to express their feelings and communicate with their body.  After speaking with many of the parents that take our classes we are proud to present a night where your kids get to spend quality time with you in a fun and comfortable environment.

Benefits for kids who learn salsa:


  • Builds endurance and stamina, creativity & self-esteem
  • Develops co-ordination of mind and muscle
  • Encourages good poise, regardless of age
  • Promotes confidence and self-assurance
  • Thorough way to exercise
  • Is a great social asset which will help them during the difficult teen years and into adult-hood
  • The most important thing - You are going to be the coolest parent in your kids school!

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 May11th, 2015

June 8th, 2015

July 13th, 2015

August 10th, 2015

September, 21st, 2015



Class time 8pm - 9pm!!!

Adults - $7.00

Children - $4.00


Patron's Hacienda

316 West Erie Street

Chicago, IL


*Patron's Hacienda  restaurant will allow anyone under 21 years of age to stay until 10pm on these special nights.

We hope to see you in class and we look forward to meeting your children.



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